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Lifelong health & vitality is our birthright!

Our mission is your health and wellbeing.

Since 2016 we have been helping individuals, families and companies from the Main Line, Philadelphia and surrounding communities to identify chronic disease risk factors, correct imbalances and live you best life. Here we seek to help you Live Long and Live Strong - everyday!

Seema Bonney, M.D.

Dr. Seema Bonney earned her Undergraduate and M.D. degrees through the prestigious six-year accelerated medical program at Jefferson Medical College in conjunction with The Pennsylvania State University.

She went on to complete a four-year residency program in Emergency Medicine at the NYU Medical Center in New York City. She remains board certified in Emergency Medicine and has been actively practicing medicine for over 21 years.

Dr. Bonney is also Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She has completed certifications in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), gut health, cardio-metabolic medicine, immunology, and many others.

Dr. Bonney practices what she preaches - she enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle which includes a nutritious diet, high quality nutraceuticals, running,  yoga, and spending quality time with her three children. They enjoy living in center city Philadelphia and summers in their happy place, Avalon, NJ.  

As a longevity specialist and functional medicine physician, Dr. Bonney's focus is on helping her patients play offense not defense with their health. Her medical practice is located in the heart of the mainline at the Rosemont Business Campus in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Renee Girifalco, R.N., B.S.N.

Business Development / Client Relations

Jana Beaudoin, NBC-HWC, CNC

Jana is a National Board-Certified Health & WellnessCoach and Certified Nutrition Coach.  She is also a certified meditation instructor and registered yoga teacher.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications.   

Jana has always been passionate about health and wellness and during her years in the insurance industry she would advocate for employee health and wellness through program development and on-site wellness activities.   This passion coupled with her communication and interpersonal experience led her to pursue Health & Wellness Coaching.  

She supports and guides our patients on their health, nutrition, and wellness journeys.  Her approach is interactive, behavioral, and scientific and always client-centered. 

Jana loves running, yoga, and meditation.  She is married and mom to four sons.  As a family they love to travel; preferably a destination with an ocean for swimming or surfing or a mountain for skiing or snowboarding.

Dr. Bonney will help you recover vitality with specialized age management & anti-aging protocols that focus on a preventative & proactive approach to health.

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What is your commitment to us?
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"I had never heard of functional medicine but was interested in a talk Dr. Bonney gave to the Union League in Philadelphia about how to optimize the immune system and increase vitality as we age. I am in my 50’s and although I am very active and eat well, I realized  I had no idea whether my immune system was in good shape. I made an appointment and was blown away with the process and results. I recommend a functional medicine consult to all my clients and friends."

Curt N. 57
Financial Advisor

"Dr. Seema Bonney might be the most caring, compassionate and thorough physician I have ever met. I had been gaining weight and feeling more tired than ever and despite visits to my primary care doctor and a specialist I couldn’t get a proper diagnosis. Dr. Bonney spent an entire hour at my initial consult covering everything from my family history, personal medical history, current lifestyle and future goals. Not only did she identify the causes of my weight gain and fatigue, she corrected them and I feel literally 10 years younger! Patient for life!"

Ellen R. 51
Real Estate


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