Functional Wellness

Lifelong health & vitality is our birthright!

Our motto is Live Long, Live Strong.
We are passionate about helping every patient achieve their life goals, by optimizing your immune system, developing individualized wellness programs and actively coaching you at every step of the journey. 

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A Personalized Approach To Longevity

Every individual has a unique biological, metabolic and genetic make-up which impacts their health, disease susceptibility and immune response.

We use the latest scientific methods to identify YOUR specific risk factors, micronutrient deficiencies and disease markers to:

- Optimize your immune system
- Prevent disease and chronic conditions
- Enhance your energy, vitality and performance
- Help you look and feel your best everyday
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Who We Serve

Individuals, Families, Companies and
Organizations who seek to play offense and not defense with their health:

Healthy and seek optimize their vitality and quality of life?
Wish to understand risk factors for illness, chronic disease and conditions of aging?
Have symptoms but no medical diagnosis?
Have an existing medical condition and are seeking treatment?
Would like to explore functional medicine and natural alternatives?
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No matter the stage of life you are in, whether you are healthy and intend to stay at peak performance throughout your life or you are struggling with symptoms, a condition or illness – our goal is the same – to help you Live Long and Live Strong.

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Company, Executive & Employee Wellness 

Because employees are the engine that make most companies run, we have developed comprehensive wellness programs to protect, strengthen and optimize employee health.

Our clients can choose from the following array of Employee Wellness Programs: 

Wellness lecture series (series of 4 lectures on core wellness and topics). In-person or virtual  
Wellness day(s) for employees. In-person or virtual  
Semi-Annual Wellness series customized Health, and Wellness solutions for your company or organization
De novo customized employee wellness program catered to your business needs, industry and employee wellness goals

Our Executive Program has one goal
- Prevention

No company wants leadership disruption due to a sudden medical event - especially one that is preventable.

Our unique program focuses on:

Early detection
Treatment of deficiencies
Identification of risk factors
Immune system optimization and disease prevention
Practical maintenance program with ongoing support
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Organizational Wellness
Preventing Spread

We help you build and institute company health and hygiene policies and practices
We conduct routine on-site testing with rapid results
We provide regular assessments, educational materials and updates on prevention
At Anti-Aging and Longevity we provide education, tools, guidance and practices that can be implemented individually and organization wide to protect employees from transmittable diseases, improve their own wellness and reduce costs associated with sickness.


“To Live Long and Live Strong you must make your own health a top priority. Don't wait to be sick to want to be healthy.” Seema Bonney MD.     

To stay well we all need help. There are so many things in the environment, on store shelves and in our life that can negatively impact our health. The core benefits of seeing a functional medicine physician is that you receive:

Information on how to become and stay healthy
Data to guide a wellness program that fits your lifestyle
Guidance on how to develop healthy habits 
Support to stay on the path to lifelong health and vitality

Health and Happiness are Directly Connected 

Why Functional Wellness Is More Important Than Ever 

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness of the importance of strengthening your immune system.

Small deficiencies in key micronutrients can lead to devastating outcomes - many of these are easily corrected.

Diagnostic testing by a board certified physician is our best tool to understand risk factors.

Functional medicine uses evidence based strategies to prevent and reverse life threatening conditions.

Wellness is a lifelong journey best taken with a support team. We are here to help.

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Our Approach

Our wellness  method is 5 simple but highly effective steps:  



Incredibly comprehensive health history and profile to establish a baseline and goals for your lifelong wellness.


We go well beyond the basic tests you might get during a routine physical.


Once we have a complete picture of your health, we design a personalized optimization program for you.


This critical step confirms that changes have made a meaningful impact in your health and wellness.


The key to lasting change and lifelong wellness. We coach, support and assist to make healthy changes permanent.

"I had never heard of functional medicine but was interested in a talk Dr. Bonney gave to the Union League in Philadelphia about how to optimize the immune system and increase vitality as we age. I am in my 50’s and although I am very active and eat well, I realized  I had no idea whether my immune system was in good shape. I made an appointment and was blown away with the process and results. I recommend a functional medicine consult to all my clients and friends."

Curt N. 57
Financial Advisor

"Dr. Seema Bonney might be the most caring, compassionate and thorough physician I have ever met. I had been gaining weight and feeling more tired than ever and despite visits to my primary care doctor and a specialist I couldn’t get a proper diagnosis. Dr. Bonney spent an entire hour at my initial consult covering everything from my family history, personal medical history, current lifestyle and future goals. Not only did she identify the causes of my weight gain and fatigue, she corrected them and I feel literally 10 years younger! Patient for life!"

Ellen R. 51
Real Estate

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