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Monoclonal Antibody Therapy - used in accordance with the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

Sotrovimab is for the treatment of COVID exposure and symptom reduction.
Evusheld is a preventative treatment for those that have a moderate to severe immune compromise due to a medical condition.

Below is a description of our COVID-19 Test offerings:

15-minute Antigen test (fastest results)
24-hour PCR molecular test (most accurate / required for travel) 
Rapid Antibody test (quickly determines presence of protective antibodies) 

If you need a COVID-19 test to return to school, work or for travel call or email to set up an appointment.
If you are quarantining, homebound or mobility limited call or email and we can come to you. If you would like to set up testing for your organization, institution or team – we can come to you, call or email for an appointment.

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Wellness and
Functional Medicine

Immune System Optimization
Insulin Balancing
Thyroid and Adrenal Health
Weight Management
Health and Nutrition Coaching
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Men and Women
Complimentary 15min Consultation

IV Drip Therapy

What is IV Drip Therapy? IV Nutrient Therapy is an intravenous method of delivering essential fluids and vitamins into the body. Receiving these vitamins and nutrients directly into your blood stream allows you to bypass your digestive tract, giving you a direct and faster result than drinking water or taking oral supplements.

Whether you’re recharging your body’s defenses with vitamin C or boosting energy with B-12 complex, our extensive menu of drip ingredients gives you every opportunity to take your wellness further than you thought possible.

Menu of REVive Infusions:  
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Weight Management 

Our approach to weight management is unique, effective and personalized. Every client we see has different goals, habits, lifestyles, and preferences. We do not use a cookie cutter approach or one size fits all. 

We work with every client to optimize their nutrition, maintain a healthy weight and reduce inflammation. Whether your goal is to lose a specific amount of weight, improve your health through better nutrition, or adopt a more consistent diet program – we can help. Below are some of the programs we offer our clients:

Personalized Diet Programs

Great for losing weight when you have a deadline, event or goal

Health And Nutrition Coaching

Ideal for losing weight and keeping it off and/or maintaining a healthy weight

Medical Weight Loss

Designed for patients needing pharmacotherapy or with a medical condition that prevents a healthy weight

Medical Marijuana


Medical Marijuana became legal in Pennsylvania in April, 2016. InFebruary, 2021 Dr. Bonney became a certified medical marijuana physician. Why nearly 5 years later? Research, consultation with experts, observation and tracking of medical marijuana patients, assessment of individuals and seeing direct results.

We believe there is a valid and therapeutic medical role for marijuana.
If you have registered with the state and suffer from any of the 23 conditions approved by the State, please contact us to certify so that you can get your medical marijuana ID card.

Approved conditions that qualify an individual for medical marijuana can be found here:
https://padohmmp.custhelp.com/app/loginMake An Appointment
If you have not registered with the State, follow this link and register before requesting an appointment:

Anti-Aging Services

Our skin is the largest organ in our body – performing an incredibly important array of tasks from protecting us from harmful microbes, bacteria and environmental elements to regulating body temperature and enabling sensations to be transmitted to the brain. Remarkably the skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days. Our skin is also our most visible organ and therefore requires a great deal of care and treatment.

At the Anti-aging and Longevity Center of Philadelphia we are committed to not only our patients feeling their best – but also looking their very best. We offer a comprehensive range of skin care diagnostics, preventives and treatments. Below is a list of our cutting edge aesthetic treatments:

Wrinkle Mitigation
Dermal Fillers
Medical Grade Chemical Peels
Pharmaceutical Grade Skincare Products

If you are interested in feeling your best and looking your best
click below to schedule an appointment today

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Male VIP Program

Maximize your health, performance, and longevity with the MALE VIP program.  This is a 360 approach to your overall well-being.  We take your health to another level helping you to thrive with vigor and vitality.

Included in the program:

Personalized Medical Care for Health Optimization and Longevity  
Health & Nutrition Coaching
BHRT – hormone therapy consultation and monitoring
Meditation/mindfulness Training
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Micronutrient Testing
Discounts on all Supplements
Access to other Wellness Services (not included in program)
- Massage Therapy
- IV Fluids
- Urgent care
- Gastrointestinal testing and analysis
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Corporate Wellness  

Because employees are the engine that make most companies run, we have developed comprehensive wellness programs to protect, strengthen and optimize employee health.

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"I had never heard of functional medicine but was interested in a talk Dr. Bonney gave to the Union League in Philadelphia about how to optimize the immune system and increase vitality as we age. I am in my 50’s and although I am very active and eat well, I realized  I had no idea whether my immune system was in good shape. I made an appointment and was blown away with the process and results. I recommend a functional medicine consult to all my clients and friends."

Curt N. 57
Financial Advisor

"Dr. Seema Bonney might be the most caring, compassionate and thorough physician I have ever met. I had been gaining weight and feeling more tired than ever and despite visits to my primary care doctor and a specialist I couldn’t get a proper diagnosis. Dr. Bonney spent an entire hour at my initial consult covering everything from my family history, personal medical history, current lifestyle and future goals. Not only did she identify the causes of my weight gain and fatigue, she corrected them and I feel literally 10 years younger! Patient for life!"

Ellen R. 51
Real Estate

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