Fighting the Summer Slowdown

July 6th, 2023

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend, celebrating America's birthday!

This holiday weekend means the dog days of summer are upon the next few weeks, many of us will experience some lethargy, a seasonal feeling of tiredness. It's not an isolated phenomenon; the Japanese actually have a name for this: Natsubate - Natsu stands for summer, and bate comes from the word bateru, which means having trouble moving due to this feeling of exhaustion. Check out our blog below for reasons why you might feel tired during summers and what can be done to deal with it.

Interestingly, over the last few months, we've definitely noted an uptick in clients coming in to optimize their energy levels, even in Gen Z and Millennial patients.


It's become very clear to me that how my focus, my energy, and how I show up in life depends so much on my health. And if you - like me - want to achieve success in every area of your life - this starts and ends with our health.

And let's be very clear that good health does not equal the absence of disease or being free of symptoms. Being healthy means your mind and body are functioning at the highest level.

I'm here in this life, like our clients, striving for excellence, an A+.

So these are the questions we need to ask:

🍃 How can I have even more energy to operate at my optimal level?

🍃 How do I have even better clarity and focus to make smarter, faster decisions?

🍃 How can I perform even better in the bedroom?

🍃 How can I live my best life now?


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