Human Optimization

November 7, 2022

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall! Here at The Anti-Aging & Longevity Center, we play offense not defense with your health. So, if you got off track this summer or last month or even last week, you can start all over again now. One component of being super preventive is having healthy routines. We frequently hear patients say they know what to do, sometimes sounding disappointed with themselves. Truthfully, most of us – and pretty much everyone who seeks out our longevity practice – really does know what to do – but HOW to accomplish that is the challenge. Sometimes it’s feeling like we don’t have enough time, sometimes it’s a lack of motivation, sometimes we simply need to be held accountable. 

We’re thinking of modifying our health coach’s title with the term human optimization coach, because this is really what it’s all about. At its simplest level, human optimization means putting yourself first, focusing on what you need to optimize to get the biggest performance improvements in every aspect of your life.

If we don’t put ourselves first – we cannot be in the best possible place to look after our careers, businesses, and loved ones. That whole oxygen mask analogy, as cheesy as it is, really does ring true.

At our practice, we are completely focused on what you can do to put yourself in the best possible place to deal with life’s problems and maximize life’s opportunities. There are three components to achieving this goal:

a) Emotional strength – increasing resilience, and managing the voice in your head

b) Cognitive performance – making better decision, thinking more creatively, thinking faster and increasing brain power

c) Energy - maximizing your mitochondrial function to improve your gut microbiome, optimize sleep, incorporating cryo and infrared saunas, and intermittent fasting

Optimizing all three is necessary to see real results in all areas of your life. Does this seem challenging? Well, the secret to making massive improvements in all 3 areas is learning how to biohack. Biohacking, a once esoteric terms known to Silicon Valley execs - now a word in the Merriam Webster dictionary thanks to David Asprey - simply means tweaking your own biology to take better control of your physical, mental and emotional states.

Once we check your biomarkers, biohacking can be personalized to your biochemistry, using cutting edge strategies, tools and techniques - This is how you take your performance to the next level, enabling a state of peak performance.

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