Spring Cleaning for the Body

May 23, 2022

There is a natural impetus to cleanse and clear in Spring. Whether it’s tackling our garage, basement or finally purging some unwanted clothes from our closet, this season inspires us get organized and start fresh! Why not do this for our bodies too? 

You are exposed to toxins daily, and those toxins accumulate in your body…especially your fatty tissue (even in the brain!). It’s important to help get rid of the gunk. A few tell-tale signs that it’s time to clean house physically are bloating, digestive disturbances, breakouts, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, weight gain and fatigue.

Why detox now? Reason #1: We are making a shift from winter to spring/summer. Coming out of winter most people tend to feel heavier, in their body but also emotionally and even spiritually. Detox helps bring vibrancy, positivity and better health by literally “lightening your load.”

Why detox now? Reason #2: We’ve been living through more than two years of a global pandemic. It has taken a toll — whether you’ve suffered with COVID-related illness, the chronic elevated stress and anxiety of living through the pandemic and the weariness that is plaguing just about everybody — you are left in need of a serious reboot.

Why detox now? Reason #3: Most people encounter many toxins every day and these toxins are undermining your health and you don’t realize it!  Where do toxins come from?  Here are some examples:   

  • chemicals in the air
  • mercury in fish
  • medications and bacteria in the water supply
  • pesticides and herbicides in food
  • hormones, antibiotics and herbicides in the animals we eat
  • even plastics from water bottles
  • And now let’s add hand sanitizers and antiviral cleaning chemicals to the list

The best way to begin to shed the buildup is with liver support. The liver is the main detoxifying organ of the body. It gets overly congested by all the things mentioned above. 

Here’s what happens when your body becomes burdened with too many toxins for your liver to handle: 

  • Your immune system becomes compromised and your liver uses up your glutathione supply, not to mention many other nutrients, to process these toxins out. (FYI Glutathione is the mother of all detoxifying antioxidants, and helps prevent damage to your cells).  
  • Next, you get run down and become susceptible to infections and are at risk for developing disease, including viruses, like COVID. 
  • And if that’s not enough, your fat cells do a great job of storing toxins (ewww!) which results in excess weight.  

Supporting your liver with targeted nutrients so that it can do an amazing job lowering your toxin load is what detox is all about!  And then you feel better!  And the best way to begin is to focus on eating lots of liver loving food like fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, non-GMO whole grains, turmeric and ginger and healthy, low-fat proteins. 

At our practice we have a wonderful 7-day program that gives you an exact nutritional plan and the perfect supplements to restore optimal liver function. Our patients love it and have seen amazing results in just one week on this protocol.

When we commit to a detox, It is also important to open all the detox pathways so that as our cells release the waste it can exit the body. Things like infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage massage, skin brushing, colon hydrotherapy and breathwork facilitate this process. 

Finally, detox your lifestyle — do a complete audit this Spring….from what and how you eat, to chemicals found in your home, hydration levels and sleep hygiene. Bring mindfulness to what you watch on TV, screen time, your daily rhythm (are you over-scheduled?), your environments and relationships. Let go of all the habits that don’t serve your highest level of physical and emotional health. 

This is the PERFECT time for a reset – it’s high time to learn more about how to replenish your system and get back to your balanced, vibrant self by summer. Call us today to help you optimize your health!

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